Tricia Blake

Over the years, I have discovered God’s calling on my life to use the creative gifts He’s given me to help other women to become independent and strong women in this world.  We play an important role in the lives of so many people, but often times we feel overlooked.  We put everything and everyone else before ourselves, and like most people we push our dreams further and further away.

I believe everyone has creativity within them, and I love to help others see they have artistic talents, too!  Too often, we allow others’ opinions of ourselves to shape our beliefs.  I’m here to tell you that you are capable of more than you could ever imagine!  We all have the ability to succeed, and live in the place of personal strength- we just have to be shown how.  That’s why I created Artfully Stained.

I love all forms of art, but my most favorite is abstract art.  Although, it’s not the style of art I have much experience with creating.  I have discovered a love for home DIY projects, and a technique of painting and staining.  I love to give things a fresh new look in my home.  I’m usually a last-minute person, so I have to be able to make things work with what I have on-hand.  I always say, use the tools that you use the best!

Fast, Fun, Facts About Me…

I’ve been married to my husband, Charles since 2007.  We have no children nor do we have any intentions of having any.  Instead, we have animals!  And you know we love them just the same.  My favorite animals are flamingos and snakes…I know, a vast difference.  While I have owned a snake (his name was Mr. Starbucks), I have yet to own a flamingo.

I worked as a Manicurist for about 10 years as a young adult, and have also worked in a non-sworn position in the Law Enforcement field for the past four years.  In Spring of 2017, I finished my Associate of Arts degree in Liberal Arts with a focus in Arts & Humanities.

I have no formal art training other than some one-on-one watercolor painting lessons from a local renowned artist, when I was eight years old.  When I was in high school I took photography, and AP art which introduced me to many different mediums, and forms of art.

I’m Glad You’re Here!

I love this life that God has given me, and the man He has given me to share it with.  Charles and I are passionate about leading others to learn how to manage their finances God’s way.  We were given the gift of taking a class early on in our marriage and it revolutionized our finances.  We have since been teaching others the things we have learned.  I’m so grateful to be able to share my work, and life with you!