After completing this gorgeous stenciled accent wall…I needed to figure out how to clean adhesive off a stencil.

I had a very filthy stencil coated with layers of spray adhesive.  Maybe you’re better than I, and cleaned-up your stencil immediately after your project, and it wasn’t such a mess.  Although, if you’re reading this post that probably isn’t the case, and you may-like me, have left your stencil for some time without cleaning it.

At first, I tried pealing it off.  That proved to be a long task that would likely take all the skin off my finger tips.  Thankfully, my genius husband had a light bulb moment one day, and suggested trying the good ole garage staple, WD-40®.  At that point I had figured if I couldn’t get the adhesive off (so far not so much), then the stencil was worthless anyway. So, why not give it a try!?!  I quickly went to the garage and gathered my supplies…

Complete Supply List:

  1.  WD-40®
  2. Disposable plastic, old sheet, etc. to protect surrounding area.
  3. Disposable Gloves, and any protective wear you want or WD-40® recommends.
  4. Disposable towels, thicker ones are better to allow you to scrub with.
  5. Scraping tool such as a dull paint scraper, plastic scraper, etc.                        **Using a scraper will scratch your stencil, so if you care then only use a towel.
  6. Liquid dish soap
  7. Area to wash off your stencil preferably nearby, and outdoors.
Here’s the sad, adhesive coated stencil, and my previous removal attempts…

Step 1:  Do a spot test to make sure this won’t damage your stencil.

Step 2:  Spray WD-40® generously over all the adhesive (follow can’s rules for usage), and let it soak-in for 5-10 minutes.

Step 3:  Gently scrape off the loosened adhesive from the entire stencil.

Just do a quick once-over.

Step 4:  REPEAT application to areas as needed.

Step 5:  Wipe off with your disposable towel and/or scrape (carefully) as necessary.

Step 6:  Wash your stencil with soap and water.

Step 7:  Repeat if needed.  Otherwise, enjoy the beauty of your clean stencil!  And plan that next stencil project today!

I hope you enjoyed this tip to clean adhesive off a stencil.  If you have a great cleaning tip please share with us in a comment below.



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