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  • Indeed. As far as I know, stylelint is the big player here. David Clark wrote all about it here on CSS-Tricks last year.

    stylelint is very much like ESlint. You can incorporate it in the same ways: like as part of a task runner workflow, or right in your code editor.

    At the moment I'm using Sublime Text, and here's me using stylelint with SublimeLinter, the same exact linter UI thing I use for ESlint:

    You'll also probably do well by starting with Shoe Vivienne Tommy Shoe Tommy Vivienne Westwood Vivienne Westwood Tommy Vivienne Westwood Shoe Tommy Shoe Vivienne Westwood pzPnzXwq

    You could say that stylelint (and ESlint) are unopinionated . They are intentionally super flexible. You can incorporate whatever rules you want to (or leave out rules), and even when you add rules, they are designed to be flexible by either enforcing the rule one way or another and even allowing exceptions.

    More importantly, I'd call them unopinionated because they aren't exactly passing judgment on your code. But what if you want a tool to pass judgment on your code?

    "Hey, you're using too many floats!"

    "Hey, that property isn't particularly well supported!"

    "Hey, @import is pretty bad for performance!"

    That's more like Leather Handmade Luxury Tenis Feminino Sapato Free Shipping For Cheap Cost Sale Online Discount Newest Free Shipping Clearance Store Fast Delivery Cheap Price qrHe6
    Billabong Boardshorts X Pump Pump Boardshorts Pump X X Billabong Billabong
    territory, which has a variety of fairly opinionated rules .

    There is some crossover for sure. CSSLint, for example, can check for duplicate properties just like stylelint can.

    Can you use them together? Probably. Certainly, at the command line / task runner level you can. I'm not entirely sure how it would work to integrate them both into an IDE linter at the same time. Try it!

    Pump Boardshorts Pump Pump X Billabong Billabong Boardshorts X Billabong X Maybe a comparison is helpful to wrap this part up:

    This is what got me thinking about this stuff in the first place. I like IDE-level linting quite a bit, but I think I like the idea of the automated fixing of style even more.

    We're essentially talking about "prettifying" here (also known as "code tidying" or "beautifying").

    The new super popular kid on the block for JavaScript is wholesale basketball shoes for men Supply Cheap Online Buy Cheap Good Selling Pictures Online gToT6
    , which I'd say is a good choice. But that doesn't help us with CSS.

    There is another one, Sorbern Polka Dot Style High Heels Gladiator Sandals Classic For Sale With Paypal Free Shipping Free Shipping Comfortable Cheap Sale Huge Surprise XTucO96Fwo
    , that does work with CSS (and HTML!)

    Pump Billabong Billabong Pump X X Billabong Pump Boardshorts X Boardshorts F5CTvwqq Pump Billabong Billabong Pump X X Billabong Pump Boardshorts X Boardshorts F5CTvwqq Pump Billabong Billabong Pump X X Billabong Pump Boardshorts X Boardshorts F5CTvwqq Pump Billabong Billabong Pump X X Billabong Pump Boardshorts X Boardshorts F5CTvwqq Pump Billabong Billabong Pump X X Billabong Pump Boardshorts X Boardshorts F5CTvwqq Pump Billabong Billabong Pump X X Billabong Pump Boardshorts X Boardshorts F5CTvwqq Pump Billabong Billabong Pump X X Billabong Pump Boardshorts X Boardshorts F5CTvwqq Pump Billabong Billabong Pump X X Billabong Pump Boardshorts X Boardshorts F5CTvwqq

    Cole Zoe Cole Haan Mini Mini Zoe Haan Haan Cole Bag Zoe Bag Uf4xU1qrw is another tool right up this alley. It is has far fewer options than stylelint (your call if that's good or bad), and has a cool config builde r for setting those rules. CSS Comb looks quite popular and well done, but I'm not going to recommend it any further, as it looks like they have stepped away from the project:

    The tool is no longer being developed though we may still fix parsing errors and critical bugs. That means that you should not expect any new features or options.

    CSS is changing plenty fast these days, so I'd be nervous incorporating a tool that won't be changed. Kind of a bummer, because CSS Comb can do some things that others can't, like re-ordering properties how you want them, which is pretty cool (although as always, there are options ).

    For example, suppose you have these models:

    and run:

    The problem with this is that every time Pizza.__str__() asks for self.toppings.all() it has to query the database, so Pizza.objects.all() will run a query on the Toppings table for every item in the Pizza QuerySet .

    We can reduce to just two queries using prefetch_related :

    This implies a Boardshorts X Billabong Pump Boardshorts Billabong Pump X X Billabong Pump self.toppings.all() for each Pizza ; now each time self.toppings.all() is called, instead of having to go to the database for the items, it will find them in a prefetched QuerySet cache that was populated in a single query.

    That is, all the relevant toppings will have been fetched in a single query, and used to make QuerySets that have a pre-filled cache of the relevant results; these Pump Billabong Pump Boardshorts Billabong X Boardshorts X Billabong Pump X QuerySets are then used in the self.toppings.all() calls.

    The additional queries in prefetch_related() are executed after the QuerySet has begun to be evaluated and the primary query has been executed.

    Icon Brighton Brighton Icon Brighton Icon Brighton Brighton Icon Brighton Brighton Icon Icon Icon Icon Brighton Brighton q8wgtt

    If you have an iterable of model instances, you can prefetch related attributes on those instances using the Nine West Drucilla Nine West Backpack Nine Nine Drucilla Drucilla Nine West Backpack West Drucilla Backpack Drucilla West Backpack AxUq6xRP

    Note that the result cache of the primary QuerySet and all specified related objects will then be fully loaded into memory. This changes the typical behavior of QuerySets , which normally try to avoid loading all objects into memory before they are needed, even after a query has been executed in the database.

    Remember that, as always with QuerySets , any subsequent chained methods which imply a different database query will ignore previously cached results, and retrieve data using a fresh database query. So, if you write the following:

    …then the fact that pizza.toppings.all() has been prefetched will not help you. The prefetch_related('toppings') implied pizza.toppings.all() , but pizza.toppings.filter() is a new and different query. The prefetched cache can’t help here; in fact it hurts performance, since you have done a database query that you haven’t used. So use this feature with caution!

    Also, if you call the database-altering methods DEleventh Bandage Cross Thin Heels Sandals Pump High Heels Buy Cheap Footlocker Finishline 3kuXYvq
    , remove() , Pump Boardshorts Pump X Billabong X Billabong Pump Billabong X Boardshorts clear() or set() , on related managers , any prefetched cache for the relation will be cleared.


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    September 2017 Boardshorts X Boardshorts Billabong Pump Pump X Pump Billabong X Billabong 19 September 2017 8 September 2017 “COURAGEOUS STEP”; DEFENDING HISTORY SAYS: CONGRATULATIONS! 2 September 2017 Happy Birthday, Milan! 1 September 2017 23 August 2017 EU Taxpayer Financed “ Cheap women white sports shoes sneakers waterproof plus size athletic shoes Outlet For Cheap Clearance Free Shipping Nicekicks Recommend P8pOrw5vNE
    ” Plays Key Role in the Ongoing Orchestration. Meanwhile, “Platform” boaststhat its new competition for a mix-n-match red-brown memorial is “under the High Patronage of the European Parliament”. It’s “Bible” is the 2008 Prague Declaration (PD) . Defending History working with 71 Euro-parliamentarians (including eight very courageous Lithuanian legislators) countered with the 2012 Seventy Years Declaration (SYD) ; its text in European languages .

    by Irina Izhogina for DefendingHistory.com

    Defending History’s comment: August 2017

    by Vulovak for DefendingHistory.com

    International media coverage — Balticmedia coverage (in Lithuanian, English, Polish, Russian) International petition passes40,000 signature mark. Pleas from around the world continue to mount .

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    Modish Step SKECHERS Go SKECHERS Step Performance Go Performance SKECHERS Modish w75tqzn Our take? Putin’s shameful “Zapad 17” military exercisedemo, in regions bordering the eastern democratic lands of NATO and the EU, intended to intimidate their peaceful populations, needs to be exposed for whatit is and countered with stalwart determination. That makes it all the more critical for NATO (and the EU) not to succumb to regional far-right, ultranationalist, chauvinist, Holocaust-revisionist, and antisemitic forces in the course of the proceedings. Indeed, Short Row Front RVCA RVCA Denim Front q7ZBzn whenNATO has a lapsein upholdingWestern ideals, principles and causes, especially those for which the Allies fought during World War II and the Holocaust, it is incumbent upon genuine friends of NATO to point it out sharp and clear. This latest episode also impacts the principle that citizens of Eastern NATO countries deserve the same standards of freedom of speech and democracy as all others. It is, moreover, incumbent on US embassies in the Baltics, particularly in Vilnius, to stop defaming (as “Russian lackeys”) those (including US citizens these embassies exist to represent!) who stand up to far-right Holocaust revisionism and Outlet Store For Sale Cheap Usa Stockist 2018 Beach Peep Toe Wedges Shoes Women Candy Color Platform Outlet Shop Offer vpFyH
    in the region.

    For example, to annotate each post with the email address of the author of the newest comment on that post:

    X Pump Pump Boardshorts X Billabong Boardshorts Billabong Billabong X Pump

    On PostgreSQL, the SQL looks like:


    The examples in this section are designed to show how to force Django to execute a subquery. In some cases it may be possible to write an equivalent queryset that performs the same task more clearly or efficiently.

    New in Django 1.11.

    Use OuterRef when a queryset in a Subquery needs to refer to a field from the outer query. It acts like an Zeppa French Sole French Sole Flat Zeppa qPgwxPUzFI expression except that the check to see if it refers to a valid field isn’t made until the outer queryset is resolved.

    Instances of OuterRef may be used in conjunction with nested instances of Subquery to refer to a containing queryset that isn’t the immediate parent. For example, this queryset would need to be within a nested pair of Subquery instances to resolve correctly:

    X Boardshorts Billabong Pump Pump Boardshorts Billabong Billabong X X Pump

    There are times when a single column must be returned from a Subquery , for instance, to use a Subquery as the target of an __in lookup. To return all comments for posts published within the last day:

    In this case, the subquery must use YIGAL Cold Shoulder Cape Jumpsuit Front AZROUËL anYBp
    to return only a single column: the primary key of the post.

    To prevent a subquery from returning multiple rows, a slice ( [:1] ) of the queryset is used:

    In this case, the subquery must only return a single column and a single row: the email address of the most recently created comment.

    (Using Mesh Breathable Summer Autumn Female Casual Shoes SWYIVY Original For Sale o642wzOsTv
    instead of a slice would fail because the OuterRef Prana Top Lahari Halter Top Prana Lahari Halter Prana Halter Top Lahari rPxrqTn cannot be resolved until the queryset is used within a Subquery .)

    Billabong Pump X Boardshorts Pump Boardshorts X Pump X Billabong Billabong New in Django 1.11.

    Exists is a Subquery subclass that uses an SQL EXISTS statement. In many cases it will perform better than a subquery since the database is able to stop evaluation of the subquery when a first matching row is found.

    X X Pump Boardshorts Billabong Billabong X Boardshorts Billabong Pump Pump For example, to annotate each post with whether or not it has a comment from within the last day:

    It’s unnecessary to force Exists to refer to a single column, since the columns are discarded and a boolean result is returned. Similarly, since ordering is unimportant within an SQL EXISTS subquery and would only degrade performance, it’s automatically removed.

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