Have you seen metallic paint?  It’s the paint little girl’s dreams are made of.  It shimmers and glimmers, but is not cheap.  Although a little goes a long way it’s still not a cheap paint to purchase.  That’s exactly why after purchasing some I needed to keep money in my pocket, and make my own faux finish paint roller.

Here’s an after photo of the Metallic Faux Finish I used the roller for:








After you have an idea and some paint, you need a roller.  Those faux finish rollers are an added cost and are a little hard to find these days.  I certainly didn’t need to spend any extra money or time looking for one, so I decided to make my own from a used roller, and an old t-shirt.  It’s really easy!

Faux Finish Paint Roller Video Tutorial

Check out my video on How to Make Your Own Faux Finish Paint Roller

…You’ll need an old t-shirt, regular paint roller, safety pins or straight pins


Now you know how easy it is to make your own faux finish paint roller.  If you need help getting started prepping your wall for paint check out my insider tips here.  Don’t forget to opt-into my newsletter for creative ideas every week.

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