Quick and Easy Way to Change a Picture Frame to Match Your Décor

Have you ever had a hard time finding just the right picture frame for a painting or photo?  Maybe the colors in the store don’t match your décor or your current frames need an update.  Refinishing frames is one of my favorite projects, because it’s so quick and easy.  Let me show you this quick and easy way to change a picture frame to match your decor using acrylic paint.

While visiting my dear friend, Jessica, and delivering this watercolor painting to her we found we needed to find a frame for it, so we headed out to shop for one at her local Wal-Mart. Watercolor Painting of an OwlWe did find a decent and affordable Mainstays™ frame that was pretty close to what we were looking for it just needed a little color adjustment.  I found PLAID® craft’s FolkArt multi-surface acrylic paint in 2951E Patina and 2921E Aqua although after trying the colors out at home we settled on just using the Patina one. Bottle of Acrylic Paint in Patina

I also bought a small pack of acrylic brushes which was a great deal for the lot plus it came in a clear carrying case.  I used the largest paint brush from the pack which was a size 10.  You can find a similar pack of brushes here.

Frame and paint brush

Here’s a short video loop showing how I lightly brushed the new teal paint onto the frame.  There was no prep work involved, and there’s no need to seal it.

With the time it took me to gather my supplies, try out the two colors, and paint the entire frame it probably took about 15 minutes to complete.  This is such a quick and easy way to change a store bought frame to match your décor.

framed owl painting

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