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How to Remove Adhesive from Glass

When doing a final apartment clean-out, I discovered a quick and easy solution how to remove adhesive from glass.

What to do About That Sticker Adhesive Stuck on Glass Windows…

I had placed alarm company stickers on all the windows even though we didn’t actually have an alarm system-there’s a bonus security tip for ya!  Unfortunately, when I pulled the alarm stickers off the adhesive stayed on the glass.  I was bound and determined to get as much of the security deposit back, so I had to figure out a solution how to remove adhesive from glass with very limited supplies.

Use What You Have

Since most of the items had been removed from the apartment already, I only had a few cleaning items at my disposal.  A lot of tricks suggest using oil, but I didn’t have oil left in the apartment.  What I did have was window cleaner!  And for some reason, cotton swabs.  It was just the trick to remove the adhesive from the glass windows.

The Shortest Supply List Ever

The only supplies needed are window cleaner, and a cotton swab or paper towel.  Well, really anything that will hold the liquid and is lightweight enough to stay put on the glass.

Quick & Easy Directions How to Remove Adhesive from Glass

I soaked the cotton swab in the window cleaner then placed it over the adhesive left on the glass.  I let that soak for about 5 minutes then simply wiped it away.   No scrubbing required!  The adhesive is a little sticky when removing, but all I had to do was pull it off with the swab or really just wipe it again, and it all came off.

Here are some photos I took along the way.  I thought this was such an awesome hack I had to share!  I’m also proud to have gotten 90% of the security deposit back.  Woohoo!

Leave a comment ‘Worked Like a Charm’ if you tried it!  Check out my other adhesive removal hack here.

Sticker Adhesive on Glass

Supplies Bottle of Windex and clean cotton swab to remove adhesive from glass

Spraying Window cleaner on cotton swab

Window Cleaner Soaked Cotton Swabs pressed on the glass to soak

Removing the first soaked cotton swabs

Removing both soaked cotton swabs adhesive removing from glass window

Wiping clean after removing adhesive from glass


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