White Picture Frame Makeover

I created this quick post to show you a tip on customizing a picture frame for this DIY Mermaid Art.  In this post I’ll show you an awesome little trick for a white picture frame makeover.  This is a great way to use an old frame you already have.

Maybe your picture frame was like mine, not in bad shape, just outdated-in need of a makeover.  It was raw wood and kinda blah.  It didn’t match the contemporary vibe I wanted for my artwork.

1.  First, give your frame a quick wipe off with some soap and water.

2.  Lightly sand with a medium grit or 100 grit sandpaper.

3.  Paint your picture frame white with acrylic paint.  Mine was a little too shiny, so I sanded it with a 220 grit sanding block afterwards.

4.  Lastly, use a Sharpie marker to draw a line in the grooves.  You can use any color Sharpie that matches your artwork.  The great thing is if you get out of the lines a little just have a cotton swab or tissue with IPA on it handy to wipe it off.

Blue Sharpie to give White Picture Frame MakeoverBlue Sharpie in frame grooves to five White Picture Frame Makeover








I’d love to see how you gave your White Picture Frame a Makeover using a Sharpie.  Come on over to my Facebook page and share a photo with the Artfully Stained community.

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